The detailed installation steps of cabinet door hinge are as follows:
1. Installation of hinged Cup: before installation of hinged cup, there will be a large hole at the cabinet door. This hole is determined according to the type and size of hinge. You can first compare it on the top and draw the installation position before drilling.
The common method of installing hinge cup is to install and fix it with Flat Countersunk particleboard self tapping screw.
Ream cup with expansion plug, press in the door plate with machine to reserve the opening and then fix it. Install the hinged cup without tools. The hinged cup is equipped with eccentric expansion plug. After manually pressing into the reserved opening of the door panel, pull the decorative cover to install and remove the hinged cup without tools.
Ream cup with expansion plug, manually press in the reserved opening of door panel, and then use the screw to rotate the expansion plug screw to fix.

2. Hinged seat installation
In the same way, the hinge seat installation also needs to be drilled in advance. You can first compare the position and then mark the hole (note that the hinge seat is installed vertically as shown in the figure).
The hinge seat shall be fixed with screws. Particleboard screws, European special screws or pre installed special plugs shall be selected and screwed in with a screwdriver.
The hinged seat is fixed by press mounting. This is very simple. Press the expansion plug of the hinged seat directly into it by machine.

3. Cabinet door hinge installation
No tool installation cabinet door hinge, suitable for quick installation hinge, adopt the way of lock catch, can install and remove the door panel without any tool.
The hinge of the cabinet door is fixed and installed with screws. The hinge cup on the cabinet door is inserted into the common hinge, and then fixed with screws.