Installation steps of hydraulic cabinet door hinge without tools:
Before the installation of cabinet door hinge, the type of cabinet door hinge shall be determined as half cover, full cover or inner cover before the installation. Before the installation of cabinet door hinge, the minimum side distance of cabinet door hinge installation shall be determined first. When the cabinet body is installed, the furniture installation master will install it together. Today, I will talk about the methods and skills of cabinet door hinge installation.
Installation Steps of Hydraulic Cabinet Door Hinge:
Step 1. Mark and connect the hinge seat and hinge arm.
Step 2. Buckle the end of the hinged arm downward.
Step 3. Press the hinge arm gently to complete the installation.
Step 4. Press gently to remove the hinge arm.
In fact, it is not difficult to install the hinge. It is only to select the size of hinge installation and the minimum edge distance of cabinet door installation that should be paid attention to during hinge installation. If not properly selected, the cabinet door may not be closed and collided. It is better to use the hinge brought by cabinet matching.