What is the structure of Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges?
When installing the wardrobe door, cabinet door and TV cabinet door, it is difficult to install the hinge without any gap at one time. It needs constant height after installation to make the gap smaller. At this time, we need to know the structure of Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges, so as to better adjust the gap of the cabinet door.
Hinge can be generally divided into three main structures: hinge head, body and base.
The main function of the base is to fix and lock the door plate on the cabinet body.
The main function of the hinge head is to fix the door panel.
The main body is to connect the door and cabinet, so that they can coordinate the switch.
Other accessories of hinge are: connecting piece, spring piece, U-nail, rivet, spring, adjusting screw, base screw.
The shrapnel is used to enhance the load of the connecting piece and the spring matching to produce the opening and closing effect.
The spring is responsible for the force strength when the door panel is closed.
U-nails and rivets are combined with hinge head, connecting piece, spring piece and body.
The connecting piece is the key part to bear the weight of the door panel.
The adjusting screw is used as the function of adjusting the cover door, and is used in combination with the hinge and the base.
The base screw is used for the combination of hinge and base.

Cabinet Door Hinges Usage: (kitchen) cabinet, drawer, dresser, wardrobe, etc. furniture. Material: stainless steel Depth: 1 ……