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European style hinges are a modern high-tech hinge for cabinets. European hinges may also be made by TOPSUN HARDWARE, as these are one of the main manufacturers of this type of hinge in China. They are typically comprised of two parts: the hinge and the mounting plate. The hinge mounts in a hole bored in the back side of a cabinet door. This hole is most commonly 35mm in diameter, but there are also special cases where this hole will be 25 or 40mm in diameter. The mounting plate is installed on the cabinet in one of several places depending on the type of cabinet. For face-frame cabinets the mounting plate is either installed on the edge of the face frame (most typical) or on the front surface of the face frame. For frameless cabinets the mounting plate is installed on the inside surface of the side panel.

Pros and Cons of European Style Hinges


When the door is closed the hinges are completely concealed.
The doors are adjustable after the hinges are installed.
The hinges are available in a wide variety of configurations.
They are relatively inexpensive.
With the proper installation jigs they can be installed fairly quickly.


Installation can be difficult for the average homeowner unless one has the proper tools and a complete understanding of the different installation configurations. It is typically recommended to hire an experienced cabinet hardware installer to for installation. If considering going the DIY route, at the very least a Forstner bit sized for the hinge cup is required to drill into the back of the door. Having additional tools, such as access to a drill press, can provide a huge advantage. As an alternative to hiring someone to install the hinges on site, a cabinet shop with a boring machine for European hinges may be willing to drill your holes for a fee. With this step out of the way the installation process will be much easier.