European Style Buffer Hinge

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Product Description

European Style Buffer Hinge
Type: Buffer hinge European style
Material: Iron
Finish: Nickel
Hinge cup: 35mm*25mm
Hinge depth: 11.5mm
Parts: Mounting plate, cup, lid
Buffer: 2 or 4 holes for fixed screw
It’s of European style
European Style Buffer Hinge Common used in wooden door , wardrobe.
Steel plate with nickel look,Other colore can be ordered if qty can upto some level
Two or four fixed holes on the buffer wing, scew can be included or not.
Hinge cup area: 35mm * 25mm * 11.5mm
Two or four fixed screw holes
Lip on the surface can be ordered or not
Spring hinges are mainly used for cabinet doors and wardrobe doors, which generally require a thickness of 18-20 mm. From the material, it can be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy. From the performance point of view, it can be divided into two categories: drilling, without drilling. It is what we call a bridge hinge without drilling holes. The bridge hinge looks like a bridge. Its characteristic is that it does not need to drill holes in the door board, and it is not limited by the style. Hole-punching hinges are spring hinges commonly used in cabinet doors. Its characteristic is that the door plate must be holed, the style of the door is limited by hinges, the door will not be blown open by the wind after closing, and there is no need to install any spiders.
In addition to visual measurement and smooth handle hinges, attention should be paid to the reset performance of hinged springs. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.