Furniture Door Hydraulic Soft Closing Hinges

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Product Description

Furniture Door Hydraulic Soft Closing Hinges
Function: Avoid noise
Material: Cold-rolled steel
Finish: Nickle-plated/Bronze
Type: Full overlay/ Half overlay/ Insert
Cup/ Body cover: Available
Base: Alternative
Cup diameter: 35mm
Door thickness: 14-21mm
Cup depth: 11.3mm
Door drilling size: 3-7mm
Opening angle: 110 degree
Cycle test: 5000 times
Salt spray test: 48 hours
Once you’ve determined the spot for your hinges, move the plates on the jig so that the holes line up with exactly where you want your hinges to be placed. Clamp the jig onto the door and tighten the screws on the plates so that they don’t move.
The jig comes with a stop that you can slide right up to the top or bottom of the door and tighten into place – you’ll use this to make installation on the rest of the doors super quick – just slide the jig into place with the stop touching the top or bottom (however you originally set it up), and clamp it into place! Now, you’ve ensured that every hinge will be placed in the exact same spot on each door.
Grab the drill bit and follow the directions included with the jig to adjust it so that it stops at the appropriate depth for your hinge (each hinge will have a cup depth, and it varies slightly depending on the hinge, so just follow the directions to be sure you’ve got the right depth for your hinge).