Furniture Standard Door Hinge

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Product Description

Furniture Standard Door Hinge
Type: Furniture Hinge
Product serie: Hydraulic hinge, sec hinge force
Hinge cup diameter: 35mm
Hinge cup depth: 11.5mm
Pitch: 48mm
Material: Cold rolling mill, stainless steel
Category: Full overlay, half overlay, insert
Opening angle: The maximum opening angle 110°
We needed face frame overlay hinges. Again, there are a lot of different hinge options with different open radiuses, different ways to attach, and different closing mechanisms (soft close, snap close, etc.) but these are the type you most commonly think of when you think of concealed hinges, and they’re what we’ve had in both of our homes so far, so it’s what we’re comfortable with.
Within the hinge, there are different sizes. You’ll notice that the hinges we chose have 5 different options. The measurements listed in front of each hinge represent how much the door overlays the face frame when the cabinet door is closed. So, how far is is from the edge of your door to the edge of the frame when you’ve got your cabinet door closed? That’s the hinge size you’ll choose!
Once you’ve chosen your Furniture Standard Door Hinge, it’s time to move on to setting up your jig. It’s 100% worth it to buy a jig that will help guide you, make sure your holes are the exact right depth, and make sure all of the holes for your hinges are straight and consistent. The last thing you need is to spend all of this time on a project and realize you’ve hung your door crooked, right? This jig will make sure that doesn’t happen.