Furniture Steel Drawer Slide

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Product Description

Furniture Steel Drawer Slide
Material: Cold-rolled steel plate
Surface finishing: Blue-zinc, black, sealant
Thickness: 1.2mm*1.2mm*1.5mm
Width: 45mm
Length: 10”-26”(250mm-650mm)
Weight: 74g±1g
Load capacity: 40kg
OEM: Printing customers’ Logo
Drawer slide, also known as guide slide or slide way, refers to the hardware connecting parts fixed on the cabinet body of furniture for the drawer or cabinet board of furniture to move in and out. The slide rail is applicable to the connection of drawers of cabinets, furniture, document cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other wooden and steel drawers.
If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, the slide is the kidney. Whether the drawers, large and small, can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and how to bear the weight, all depend on the support of the slide rail. From the current technology, the bottom slide is better than the side slide, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. The material, principle, structure and technology of drawer slide are very different. The high-quality slide has small resistance, long service life and smooth drawer.

Roller slide
This kind of slide has a long history. It is the first generation of silent drawer slide. Since 2005, it has been gradually replaced by steel ball slide in the new generation of furniture. The roller slide is simple in structure and consists of one pulley and two tracks, which can meet the daily push-pull needs. However, it has poor bearing capacity and does not have buffer and rebound functions. It is often used on computer keyboard drawers and light drawers.