Furniture Three-folds Slides

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Product Description

Furniture Three-folds Slides
Finish: Zinc plated,white and black
Material: Cold rolled steel
Length: 10”-60”
Material thickness: 2.0*2.0*2.0mm
Close-open test: Pass 50,000 times
Salt spray test: Pass 24 hours
Installation: sidemount
Application: Furniture, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Customizing: Customizing is available.
Ball slide
The steel ball slide rail is basically a metal slide rail with two or three sections, and the structure installed on the side of the drawer is more common, which is simpler to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure smooth push-pull and large bearing capacity. This slide rail can have the function of buffer closing or pressing rebound opening. In modern furniture, the steel ball slide is gradually replacing the roller slide, becoming the main force of modern furniture slide.

Gear slide
This kind of slide has hidden slide, horse drawn slide and other slide types. It belongs to the middle and high-grade slide. It uses gear structure to make the slide very smooth and synchronous. This kind of slide also has the function of buffer closing or pressing rebound opening. It is mostly used in the middle and high-grade furniture. Because of the high price, it is rare in modern furniture, so it is not as popular as the steel ball slide. This kind of slide will be trend in future.