Hydraulic Cupboard Concealed Cabinet Hinge for Furniture

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Product Description

Hydraulic Cupboard Concealed Cabinet Hinge for Furniture
Type: Furniture Hinge
Material: stainless steel
Opening angle: 110 Degree
Door thickness: 16-20mm
Cup diameter: 35mm
Cup depth: 11.5mm
Weight: 99g
Our advantage in Hydraulic Cupboard Concealed Cabinet Hinge:
• Accept small quantity of multi-style.
• Competitive price with good quality.
• Highly skilled manufacturing process.
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• Well-trained staff for quality control and packing.

Once you’ve chosen your hinges, it’s time to move on to setting up your jig. It’s 100% worth it to buy a jig that will help guide you, make sure your holes are the exact right depth, and make sure all of the holes for your hinges are straight and consistent. The last thing you need is to spend all of this time on a project and realize you’ve hung your door crooked, right? This jig will make sure that doesn’t happen.
You’ll start by putting it together following the included directions. Once it’s assembled, determine where you want your hinges to be placed. Be sure not to place a hinge where a shelf is inside the cabinet! Typically, the hinges will be somewhere between 3.5 and 5 inches from the top and bottom of each cabinet door – it doesn’t matter too much as long as it won’t be in the way of anything! We just used the marks from where the previous hinges had been installed to guide us in placing the new ones.