Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Slide

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Product Description

Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Slide
Material: cold-steel
Width: 35mm or 45mm
Thickness: 0.9*0.9*0.9mm / 1.0*1.0*1.0mm / 1.0*1.0*1.2mm / 1.2*1.2*1.5mm
Length: 12inch / 14inch / 18inch / 20inch
Non-friction, very smooth sliding performance
Our Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Slide finish passed CE and SGS certificate
It needs to install damping slide to use flexibly. The damping slide rail connects the drawer and the cabinet body for convenient use. How is damping slide drawer installed?
1. before installation, measure the depth of the drawer, select the specification and size of the damping slide rail according to the depth of the drawer, pay attention to the installation data of the screws, and reserve the installation position of the screws.
2. After measuring the drawer depth to determine the specification and size of the damping slide rail, drill holes on the side of the drawer according to the installation requirements. During drilling, the installation position shall be determined to avoid deviation.
3. after the preliminary preparation, the damping slide shall be installed. First, install the slide on the side
plate of the drawer and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. After installation, use your hands to test whether you can shake it. It is better to keep it stable.
4. install the slide rail on the side plate of the counter, and pay attention to keep the same level with the slide
rail of the drawer during installation, otherwise the drawer cannot be loaded normally. After installation, install
the drawer, and try several times to check whether there is any fault. If there is noise or obstruction, adjust it until it is OK to use.