New Design Clip-On Kitchen Cabinet Hydraulic Soft Close Hinge

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New Design Clip-On Kitchen Cabinet Hydraulic Soft Close Hinge
Type: soft close hinge
Material: Cold-rolled steel
Door thickness: 14-24mm
Angle of opening: 95-105 degree
Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm
Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
Weight:: 105gram
Finish: Nickel finish
Cycle test: 50000 times
Salt spray test: 40 hours
Application: Cabinet, furniture door etc.
Soft Closing Cabinet Hinge Clip On Kitchen Hydraulic Hinge
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Cabinet door opens and closes many times, so cabinet door hinge is very important. Practice has proved that according to the nature and accuracy of the cabinet door used, it is difficult to meet the necessary quality requirements with the domestic cabinet hinge of the weight of the kitchen door itself.

In the process of frequent opening and closing of cupboard door at ordinary times, the best test is the quality of hinge. Its cabinet and door not only need to be connected accurately, but also bear the weight alone and the storage cabinet door up to tens of thousands of times. For many international and domestic brands, the opening and closing times of door hinge experiments vary from 20000 to 1 million, and the actual opening and closing times are more than one third less than the official experiments. If it is not a hinge product with perfect steel, iron and flexibility, it is difficult to undertake this important task.