Self Closing Cabinet Hinge

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Product Description

Self Closing Cabinet Hinge
Material: Cold-rolled steel
Finish: Nickel
Door thickness: 14-23 mm
Opening angle: 100°
Diameter of hinge cup: 35 mm
Weight : 58±2 g
Function: Self closing
OEM Technical Support: Welcome
Installation: Slide on system / Screw fixing / Press-in fixing
Opening & closing test: More than 50,000 times
Salt spray test: More than 48 hours
Optional Accessories: Cup cover cap / Arm cover cap / Self – tapping Screws
Big Pin: With more power when it open and close, steady when using.
Big Pressed area: With more pressed area the hinge will be stronger fix on the side panel.
Updated screw: Not easy to move when adjusting this screws.
Adjustable screw: Adjust the distance between side panel & door panel, within 5 mm.

Cabinet door hinges installation steps:
A. According to door leaf and side plate, choose the appropriate way of installation (Full overlay, Half overlay, Insert).  According to the specification, make sure of the number of hinges, and draw lines at the appropriate place. Make holes on the door leaf.
B. Place the hinge cup into the door leaf, and fix it with screws.
C. Fix the base plate at the corresponding place on the side plate.
D. Raise the door leaf, and insert hinge into the base.
E. Adjust the upper and lower positions of the door leaf.
F. Adjust the left and right positions of the door leaf.
G. Adjust the front and back positions of the door leaf, making the door open smoothly.
H. Screw down all the screws, and cover the decorative lid.
Hinge convenience from Topsun hardware, the hinge system with integrated soft-closing mechanism for even more convenience in closing hinged doors. Self-closing from a uniquely wide angle, Topsun hardware takes care of closing doors almost by itself. Innovative, easy, gentle, quiet.

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