Soft Close Fitting Kitchen Cabinet Hinge

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Product Description

Soft Close Fitting Kitchen Cabinet Hinge, iron hydraulic hinge, Clip On / Slide On Hydraulic Hinge, Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges, Euro hinge types China supplier

Product Name Soft Close Fitting Kitchen Cabinet Hinge
Material IRON
Type hydraulic hinge
Usage cabinet/furniture etc
Model Number SCH-01
Angle of opening 105
Depth of hinge cup 11.5mm
Diameter of hinge cup 35mm
Dimension of door 3-7mm
Range for door thickness 14-24mm
Cycle test 50000 times
Salt spray test 40 hours
Finish NP
Weight 83g

1. Clip On Hydraulic Hinge(stainless steel)
2. Slide On Hydraulic Hinge(stainless steel)
3. Clip On Hydraulic Hinge(iron)
4. Slide On Hydraulic Hinge(iron)
5. Regular Hinge(iron)
6. Special Degree Hinge
7. 26cup Mini Hinge
8. OEM Hinge

Three basic Euro hinge types
framed cabinet with inset european hinge Although there are other options to consider when selecting your hinges, like opening angle (typically, 110, 120 or 170 degrees), soft closers and mounting plates, there are three basic door configurations that need a specific hinge type:

Full Overlay
Partial Overlay

This high quality self-closing concealed 1/2″ overlay cabinet hinges from TOPSUN are made of steel with a Satin Nickel finish.

Soft Close Fitting Kitchen Cabinet Hinge European cabinet hinges are perfect for achieving a professionally finished cabinet. The cabinet hinge is completely concealed from the outside adding a modern feel to your kitchen. TOPSUN has a wide variety of major manufacturers to choose from ensuring that you will find the perfect cabinet hinge for your application

Full overlay hinges
This is likely the most common type of Euro hinge typically found on Frameless cabinets. If each cabinet is a separate unit, you would use a full overlay hinge – which means when the door is closed, the door fully covers the edge of the gable (Note: it’s common to leave 1/16″ gap at the outer edge to allow proper clearance with adjacent doors.