Soft Closing Drawer Slides

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Product Description

Soft Closing Drawer Slides
Type: 3 Fold Ball Bearing Fold/Full Extension type
Width: 40mm
Thickness: 0.65*0.65*0.65mm (can be produced as per your requirement)
Weight: 36g/inch (can be produced as per your requirement)
Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Zinc-plated/Black Plated/Rainbow
Loading Capacity: 40KG
Salt Sprad Test Hours: Zinc and black plating have passed 24 hours
Rainbow plating have passed 48 hours
Soft Closing Drawer Slides Packing: one pair/polybag, 15/20 pairs/CTN (other packing can be your requirement)
Roller slide
This kind of slide has a long history. It is the first generation of silent drawer slide. Since 2005, it has been gradually replaced by steel ball slide in the new generation of furniture. The roller slide is simple in structure and consists of one pulley and two tracks, which can meet the daily push-pull needs. However, it has poor bearing capacity and does not have buffer and rebound functions. It is often used on computer keyboard drawers and light drawers.

Ball slide
The steel ball slide rail is basically a metal slide rail with two or three sections, and the structure installed on the side of the drawer is more common, which is simpler to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure smooth push-pull and large bearing capacity. This slide rail can have the function of buffer closing or pressing rebound opening. In modern furniture, the steel ball slide is gradually replacing the roller slide, becoming the main force of modern furniture slide.