Stainless Steel Inset Concealed Hinge

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Inset Concealed Hinge
Type: Furniture Hinge
Opening angle: 105
Material: IRON
Color: Nickel
Buffer type: With Steel buffer
Dia of hinge cup: 35mm
Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm
Door thickness: 14-23mm
Optional hinge cup: 45 / 48 / 52mm
Hinge Base: Double holes
Using of stainless Steel Inset Concealed Hinge: All kinds of wooden doors
Certification: Passed 100000 times open & close test.
Reference: Suitable use for 14-24mm cabinet doors.
What is the hinge?
Hinge is one kind of door hinge, it mainly use the connections in kitchen cabinet, wardrobe.
Using place: door hinge, plain hinge, cabinet concealed hinge, piano hinge.
Sizes: full overlay, half overlay, insert.
Installation way: clip-on type, slide-on type, insperate type.
Function: one way normal hinge, two way normal hinge, soft closing hinge.
Degree type: normal is 95-110 degree, special degree is 45, 135, 175 degree.
Within the hinge, there are different sizes. You’ll notice that the hinges we chose have 5 different options. The measurements listed in front of each hinge represent how much the door overlays the face frame when the cabinet door is closed. So, how far is is from the edge of your door to the edge of the frame when you’ve got your cabinet door closed? That’s the hinge size you’ll choose!