Cabinet and Bath Hardware, Decorative Hooks & Wall Plates by Topsun Hardware Co., Ltd

When necessary, cabinet hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth.

Functional Hardware


If needed, Topsun hinges and other functional hardware can be wiped with a clean soft cloth. There is no maintenance necessary to ensure the functionality of the product. Many hinges have been lubricated to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting durability. The product should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals or solvents, excessive dirt or sawdust or any staining material. Such exposure may break down the composition of the lubricating agent and negatively impact the performance of the product.

Drawer Slides

Drawer slides have been engineered for use indoors. They have been lubricated at the factory to ensure the expected life of the slide. To clean the slides, periodically wipe with a soft cloth being careful not to remove grease on the slides during cleaning as it may shorten the life of the product and prevent smooth operation. The lubrication present on the slides is needed to ensure optimal operation and long life of the slides. The performance of the slides can also be negatively impacted by extreme temperatures, which can cause the lubrication to break down. Also, be wary of excessive humidity, chemicals, over spray of stains and lacquers used in cabinet making, sawdust, dirt, and other particles that can come in contact with the slides.